Need A New Water Heater? Five Reasons To Buy An Electric Powered Model

18 December 2014
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If a new water heater is in your future, you might want to consider buying an electric model. The five reasons below outline why this is a smart move. If you are a skilled DIY project lover, you may even be able to install that electric water heater on your own.

Fits in Smaller Spaces

Gas water heaters need ventilation space because of the combustible nature of that gas. That means you can't put a gas water heater in a small closet or crawlspace because of the possibility of gas buildup and a resulting explosion. An electric water heater can be installed almost anywhere you can squeeze it in.

No Pilot Light

This is also a safety issue. If your pilot light goes out, you have to relight it. Sometimes gas builds up around the pilot light, making a big "whoosh" sound when you relight it. This is enough to have some people reaching for the phone to call a professional. Electric water heaters don't use pilot lights. If your water heater cuts off in a power failure, the electronic ignition system will turn on again once power is restored. Devotees of gas powered water heaters often brag that their system works even when the power goes out. That may be true for older models, but some of the newer units use an electronic ignition in addition to that pilot light.

Ease of Installation

If you are installing a gas water heater from scratch, you'll need to vent the exhaust up to the roof. That means putting in PVC pipe up through your wall and then adding a vent flue on the roof. Electric water heaters only need an outlet installed. Plug it in and you're set. No need to put a hole in your roof.

Works With a Timer

If you really want to keep an eye on your energy usage, you can install a timer on your electric water heater. It works the same as the timers used to regulate lights on a home. For example, if you are at work all day, there is no reason to keep the water heater running all that time. You could program the timer to go on at 5:00 am so you have hot water for your morning shower. Then program it to go off at 8:00 am. The tank usually holds enough hot water for your evening needs. Try different programming scenarios until you find one that works for you.

You Can Go Solar

An electric water heater gives you the option to go solar. You can opt to tie your water heater into your solar panel or solar shingle grid, or you can set up a solar system specifically for the water heater. Either way you are collecting energy from the sun and converting it to electricity. Solar water heating systems come with a collector and a storage tank and most have earned the Energy Star Label. This is a certification issued by the Environmental Protection agency, or EPA, for energy efficient products.

If you still have a chance to fix your problems with water heater repair, contact professional contractors to help you out.