How To Prevent Pest Infestations In Apartment Buildings

23 December 2014
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Apartment buildings are often common areas for various pests to invade. Whether it is insects or rodents, pest infestations tend to occur in buildings where numerous families reside. Fortunately, there are things that can be done to prevent pest infestations from happening. When property managers, residents and professional exterminators join forces, even large apartment complexes can be clean and sanitary places to reside. These are some tips to prevent pest infestations from occurring in apartment buildings.

Keeping Garbage Under Control

Exposed garbage is one of the easiest ways to draw in unwanted pests. Rodents and insects alike are attracted by garbage that is left out in the open. This is the main reason that many apartment complexes have large dumpsters in a neutral area that is convenient to all residents. Some renters even include the cost of weekly garbage pickup in with the rent.

Every time that garbage needs to be removed from your home, it should be taken directly to the dumpster. Often these dumpsters will close tightly from the outside to make them more difficult for larger pests to get into. Keeping the trash away from your home and in a closed container reduces the chances that pests will get inside the home.

Reducing Water Sources

Open water sources will also bring more pests close to an apartment complex. Any leaky pipes, clogged drains or outside water spigots will lure in insects and rodents. Rats are especially drawn in by open water sources and these rodents can be extremely damaging to an apartment building community.

Property managers should always make sure that peaky pipes are repaired, drains are unclogged and outside water spigots have secure covers so they do not leak when not in use. Reducing the available water that is both inside and outside an apartment building helps keep pests from gaining access to the homes.

Sealing Off Entrances 

Pests can get into an apartment easily through small entrances. Cracks in walls, openings around water pipes or vent systems and any other openings that are big enough for even small insects to come through should be sealed off properly.

This can be done by using a caulking gun filled with silicone. If there are cracks in walls, these can also be sealed off by applying spackling or joint compound over the cracks and allowing it to dry thoroughly.

Monthly Exterminations

Even if there have been no signs of pests in or around an apartment building, it is still very important to have professional monthly exterminator treatments performed. Professional extermination will destroy any existing signs of pests and prevent new infestations from occurring.

Normally, a small amount of the pesticide is put in common areas of the home where pests often travel. The outside of the building may also be sprayed around walkways, doorways, windows and dumpsters to provide more protection to keep pests away.

Taking proactive steps to prevent pests from getting in is the best way to avoid having to get rid of them. This makes for a much cleaner, healthier environment in any apartment complex that will be safer for people to reside in. (For more information on pest control, contact a company such as All Seasons Pest Control)