3 Subtle Reasons You May Need New Windows

6 January 2015
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Your windows play a vital role in your home by adding an aesthetic appeal, and keeping your home well insulated. As the windows get older, they start to become less energy efficient as they begin to fall apart. While major damage can be easily spotted, sometimes there are subtle signals that tell you it is time to get replacement windows for your home. Take a closer look at your home's windows, and see if any they have any of these warning signs that they are on the verge of needing to be replaced.

Built Up Condensation Between Window Panes

If your home has double sided windows, you may have noticed condensation building up between the two panes of glass. This happens when the seal around the windows starts to deteriorate, and air from the outside makes its way between the glass. Not only does this moisture cause condensation that fogs up the windows, but it can be a breeding grown for mold growth.

Condensation between the glass panes is easy to identify. Simply see if the condensation can be wiped away from both inside and outside the windows. If you can't wipe it away, it means you have a bad seal around your window.

Decrease In Energy Efficiency

A properly functioning window is going to play a crucial role in keeping your home well insulated. If you have wood windows, you will notice that the wood in the frame is warping, and unable to form that crucial seal that is needed between the window and the frame.

The deterioration of the windows might be gradually coinciding with the raising costs of electricity and gas, making it difficult to pinpoint the problem on the windows. You may want to have a home inspector check the windows for you. They can use infrared technology to take photos of your windows, telling them exactly how much energy your windows are losing.


Small drafts in your home can be very difficult to identify. Most of the time, homeowners wait to deal with drafts when they can physically feel the air coming in while standing next to a closed window. Even small drafts can be a sign that you need new windows.

Check for drafts by shining a flashlight around your window casing. If you can see any light pass through the casing on the opposite side, you have a window draft.

By understanding these three subtle reasons for window replacement, you will be able to identify problems early before they turn into big issues. Contact a professional, like those at Beyers Window & Door Inc, for more information on improving your windows.