Troubleshooting Common Problems With An Air Conditioner Without Cold Air

12 January 2015
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When you flip the switch of your air conditioner, you always expect that it will work just as it should to give you cold air that you need in your home to feel more comfortable. However, there are times when things will go wrong and you will not get cold air as you should.

Here are a few of the most common problems related to an air conditioner that is not supplying cool air:

Problem: The air conditioner is running, but is not blowing cold air.

Cause: This is related to the coolant levels being low. While coolant is designed to never deplete over time or with usage, it can leak out of there is a place where the coolant can escape. This is often indicated by ice apparent on the copper lines leading to the AC unit or even higher electric bills in recent months.

Problem: The air unit blows a burst of cold air when it first comes on, but quickly warms up.

Cause: In most cases, this type of issue is related to problems with an overheating unit. The air is working, but the heat generated is overpowering the cold air that should be circulating through to your home.

Check to make sure the condenser is not covered with ice or the air filter is not clogged with dust and debris as this can prevent warm air from making its way to the inner system to keep it from freezing over. While it may sound strange that a frozen system would blow hot air, the ice prevents the needed air from being pulled in to redistribute.

Problem: When you turn the air conditioner on, no air blows through the unit at all.

Cause: If you are still hearing the unit run, but no air is coming in through the registries or vents, there has to be a point at which the air is  escaping before it gets to where it is supposed to go. Do a quick walk through to ensure all of your ducts are still connected. If you still cannot determine the problem, it could be related to the fan motor of the air conditioner system. Keep in mind that disassembly should only be attempted by professional air conditioning service and repair.

Any time you have issues with an air conditioner that is not providing what you expect, it is an indicator that something is wrong. By understanding how to diagnose certain issues, you will be better equipped to call on a air conditioning service professional when necessary. To learn more, contact a company like Redlands Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning with any questions you have.