How To Troubleshoot Your Toilet

30 January 2015
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If you have been having difficulty getting your toilet to work properly, it might be time to think about repairs. Before you get it repaired, it helps to know exactly what is wrong with it. This is where troubleshooting comes in. You will be able to narrow down the problem and figure out exactly what types of repairs are needed.

The Flusher is Slow

Is the flushing mechanism on your toilet running slow? If so, it might just be due to having an older toilet. Many of the older models have issues with flushing and never work right. However, most people had a toilet that once ran well, and now suddenly the flusher is failing.

If this is the case, try cleaning out the hard water deposits first. These may be blocking the flusher from doing its job. To clean it out completely, you will need to take it outside and disassemble which is a large process. Instead of doing this, you can instead try using a muriatic acid wash. Be very careful when using this product, and always dilute it with water before putting it into your toilet.

Partial Flush

If the flush seems to be working as it should, but it only flushes halfway, then it is probably due to the flapper valve. This is the easiest and most inexpensive thing to fix on your toilet. First, remove the lid to the toilet tank and set it aside.

Look into the tank and find the rubber flapper that allows your toilet to flush. Once you locate it, watch the flapper as you flush the toilet. If you see that it is getting waterlogged and dropping too quickly, then you know it is the culprit. You can get a new flapper from a home improvement store and install it.

Dropping Water Level

Another issue you may be experiencing with your toilet is a water level in the bowl that seems to be dropping. You should be able to see the line around your toilet bowl where the water level usually reaches. If you notice over time, the water level is dropping lower and lower, then the water is not re-filling as it should.

This could be from a clog of toilet paper in the colon of the bowl that is causing the water to slowly be siphoned out. Using a plunger should help dislodge the toilet paper and push it down.

Contact a plumber like Blount's Speedy Rooter if you have other issues, such as a leak or extra-loud flusher when it didn't used to make so much noise or questions about how your toilet is functioning.