Water Line Leaks Around The Foundation: Act Fast

10 February 2015
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If you have found leaking water where the main water line enters the home, you want to call a professional plumber right away. There are three things that you will want to do to make sure that the water isn't a problem again, and to make sure your home is safe.

You can't ignore water and moisture in your home, and you want to turn off the main water line to the house if you know how. The leak in the pipe may be an easier fix than repairing the damage the leak has caused, so you want to consider the following things.

Immediate Replacement

The water line should be replaced right away to prevent another issue, and the plumbers can see if the crack or damage goes outside the home. If so, the plumber can use a trenchless option. A pipe liner replacement is pushed through the damaged to pipe, to act as the new water carrier.

If the pipes that are connected to the main water line are rusting or damaged, you may want to have everything replaced at the same time.

Foundation Repair and Waterproofing

If the water ran down the foundation, you have to get the foundation repaired. A concrete contractor can see if there is any damage that jeopardizes the structure of the home from the moisture, and they will check the backfill around the home. If the water was leaking outside the home as well, you could have problems on the exterior of the foundation.

A waterproofing agent around the foundation will help prevent moisture damage in the future, and it will stop moisture from coming through the cement walls and flooring.

Mold Remediation

If the water was leaking into the ceiling, flooring or other materials throughout the home, you problem smell a musty odor and see mold. This can start to deteriorate the home, and you have to stop the problem. Have a mold cleaning company come to your home to professional remove the damages.

A water leak in your home is wasting water and costing you money, and doing damage. Have a plumbing company come to your home to stop the water from leaking, and to investigate the rest of the pipes in your home to see if there are other problems you have to be concerned about. If the water is coming in fast, don't wait until the next day to call. (For more information on water line repair, go to ACC Drain & Sewer)