Springtime Gutter Maintenance

27 February 2015
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Wintertime is almost over and that means gutter and roof maintenance time is right around the corner. It is a time to check out what the snow and ice may have done to gutters and shingles during the winter months. It will be a time for repair. Here are some tips on the steps you should take to do your springtime gutter maintenance properly.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning out your gutters is very important so the water drainage from your rooftop will not be compromised. Gutters need to be cleaned out every spring and fall to keep them doing their job properly. Bring a ladder to the side of your home and climb up to take a peek inside your gutters. They may be filled with debris such as twigs, leaves, and dirt.

This sludge causes water drainage to either happen slower than usual, or not at all. If you leave the material in the gutter, it can cause water to back up to the point that it slips underneath your bottom row of roof shingles, leaving you with the possibility of water getting inside the home.

Bring a pair of gloves up with you so you can scoop the material out by hand. Place it into a bucket and dispose of it after the bucket fills. Several trips up and down the ladder may be needed, so it is a good idea to have a friend nearby to help spot you as you remove the material.

If you are not comfortable with getting up on a ladder to do the job yourself, a call to a gutter maintenance service would be the answer to your troubles. They will send a professional over to take care of your gutter cleanup for you.

Gutter Repair

After you have cleaned out your gutter, run garden hose through the system to make sure the water goes straight through to the drainage pipe. If there are any areas of the gutter where water drips through, simple repairs will need to be made.

Small holes or cracks can easily be filled using a caulking sealant. Simply place the material inside a caulking gun and apply to the area in question. Make sure it dries thoroughly before doing the hose test again to see if the water is now contained. 

If there are areas where your gutters are pulling away from the side of your home, using gutter brackets will fix the problem for you. They can be applied in areas where gutter is sagging or bent to keep the gutter in place. The brackets and hardware can be purchased in any home goods or hardware store. For assistance, talk to a professional like Mr. Gutter.