5 Roof Replacement Steps You Should Know

18 May 2015
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If your roof needs replacement, which it will if it is 15 years or older and there are multiple signs that the roof is bad, such as damaged shingles, leaks, and uneven areas, then you will want to call in the professionals. When the professionals arrive, they will take these five steps to replace your roof in the proper way:

  1. Inspect the Roof: When the professionals first show up to your home, they are going to inspect the condition of the roof. This is an important step because the professionals may find a way to make repairs instead of having to replace the roof, which can save you some money. However, in most cases the roof will need replacing and once this is determined, the professionals will color match the shingles or provide you with some other roofing options for your new roof. Once this is done, the professionals will provide you with a quote that you can discuss and make changes to if necessary and then sign. 
  2. Remove Old Shingles: The first step that the professionals are going to do when replacing the roof is remove the old shingles. The shingles are going to be completely removed so all that is left is the wood that sits underneath. 
  3. Prepare the Roof: Before the new shingles are installed on your roof, the professionals are going to prepare the roof by laying down paper or a water and ice shield if you live in a wet climate or an area that gets bad winters. This is going to guarantee that your new roof lasts as long as possible and protects your home better. 
  4. Apply the Shingles and Finish: The new shingles will be laid on your roof and the finishing touches will be done. These finishing touches include caulking the trim around the chimney and metal vents so that no water can leak in.
  5. Clean the Roof: Once the roof is finally done, it will need to be cleaned of excess roofing materials. With all the workers on top of your roof, a great deal of dirt and debris can be tracked around. You want to ensure that the professionals clean up after themselves to ensure that you have hired the best professionals for the job who care about the appearance of your roof once it is complete. Good professionals will ensure that your roof looks in better shape than it did when they first came to inspect it. 

These five steps are the proper way that your roof should be replaced. You want to be sure that you hire professionals who are going to follow these steps, which guarantees that you are getting the most for your money. To learn more, contact a company like Darnell Construction with any questions or concerns you have.