5 Ideas For Laminate Flooring In The Kitchen

15 June 2015
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Laminate flooring is an ideal material for the kitchen. It is very durable, capable of withstanding spills, traffic flow and even pets' claws. Contractors typically install laminate flooring for the kitchen with an underlayment to serve as a moisture barrier. Not only does this underlayment muffle sound, it also makes laminate flooring a more comfortable work surface for standing. Choose a laminate flooring style that complements your kitchen décor.

Light Hardwood

Laminate flooring can resemble light hardwoods such as ash, birch and white maple. Light hardwood in wide planks offers an open, rustic look. This flooring option is appropriate for cabin-style homes as well as contemporary or modern kitchens. Add muted colors such as French blue to your palette to add country charm to your kitchen décor.

Warm Wood

If you select laminate flooring that resembles cherry, oak or mahogany, the warmth of the wood spreads through your kitchen. This look works well in many kitchen styles. An especially attractive complement is brickwork, so consider having your backsplash done in such a style. Likewise, painting the cabinets a warm gray or taupe offers a neutral backdrop for the rest of your décor.


Speaking of gray, Better Homes and Gardens points out this neutral is a trendy base for the kitchen. Choose a laminate floor in shades of gray, either with a tile look or stained wood. Such a floor affords you numerous options in décor, from mid-century modern to beach chic to traditional farmhouse. You can paint the cabinetry any color or leave it natural – gray is that effective a neutral.

Mediterranean Tile

Picture the warm tiles of a French bistro or Italian cottage. Laminate can recreate that ambience. Pair tile-look laminate with furniture detailing. For instance, transform a traditional wood table into a kitchen island, or recreate that feel by adding corbels and feet to a regular island. An apron sink and granite countertops also promote the Mediterranean ambience.

Travertine Tile

The travertine look is similar to Mediterranean except lighter and cooler in color. However, you can still choose options that offer depth with speckles and veins of shading. Like gray laminate, this flooring option is a prime neutral suitable for any décor style. To promote cohesion in your design, pull a color out from the flooring for the cabinetry, countertops or backsplash.

Laminate flooring is stylish and durable. Laminate can mimic wood or tile in a wide variety of colors and textures, making it an ideal material for any kitchen style. Contact a company like Lockwoods Carpets to get started.