Why You Need A Land Survey Before You Buy Property

28 July 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you're looking to purchase a piece of property and build a home but you worry about the expenses of prepping the land, you want to talk with a civil engineer. You may be worried about the size of the lot and the house you want to build, and the quality of the land.   

If you worry that the soil isn't great, that there is water too nearby, or that there will have to be a lot of dirt brought in to make the house level, the engineer can let you know what's needed in advance. There are many things that can affect cost while building a home, so you want to do the following before you purchase the property or break ground. 

Get a Land Survey

A land survey is going to outline the property so you know where the exact property lines are, and you can see if you have an encroachment or any other issues. With this survey, the engineer will determine where you'll have to put your house, what size of a house you can put on the property.

They will also test the soil to see what type of backfill you need to put around the foundation, and what may be needed to make sure the house is level with the grade of the road. These are all expenses you want to budget for before you purchase the home.

Ask About a Leach Bedding System

There can be some unforeseen expenses with putting in the sewage system, and a leach bedding system depending on your home's location. You want to get a cost estimate for the project and find out what you'll need to have before you purchase the property, to see how much it's going to cost you to have everything completed. The engineer can give you all your different options.

The civil engineer can help you with any questions that you have about the land, and how the property is going to affect the cost to build your potential home. If you find out that the lot is low and a lot of dirt needs to be brought it in to put the house at the proper level so there isn't flooding, you may want to consider building a pond on the property to get dirt that is already there. Talk with an engineer (such as one from Gray Surveying & Engineering) before you buy the lot so you can prepare for lot prep expenses.