How To Fix A Loose Window Pane

11 August 2015
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Window frames can wear down over time. Often, the glass pane will separate from the window frame. This is a particularly common problem on old wooden windows because wood can expand and contract when it gets moist. Even the smallest cracks in between the frame and the glass can decrease the efficiency of a window frame. Have you ever felt a breeze when you walked by a closed window? The air could be leaking in through these small cracks. This article will explain how to repair windows when the glass pane gets dislodged.

Cleaning Off the Old Caulk

Most often, the caulk around the inside edge of the frame will deteriorate and the pane will become loose as a result. The window might even make a rattly noise when the wind blows. The first step is to remove all of the old caulk. Scrape it away with a painter's knife. You might need to cut it off of the frame using a utility knife. Then, clean off any leftover caulk with gunk remover or glass cleaner. You want the wooden frame and glass pane to be as clean as possible before you recaulk them.

Applying New Caulk

The key to applying a new bead of caulk is filling in all the cavities inside the window groove where the pane sits. If the pane is shifting inside the frame, you should hold it up and apply a bead of caulk to the groove along the bottom edge of the pane. As you do this, inspect each edge of the frame and look for any holes or cavities inside the frame. You do not want to leave behind any gaps or cavities. Using a clear waterproof caulk will secure the pane to the frame and seal it. You want to leave behind a clean and smooth caulk line. Lightly rub the caulk down with your finger. This pushes the caulk into the frame and leaves behind a smoother caulk line.

One way to get a straighter caulk line is to tape off the glass and the frame. Your caulk lines should be about 1/8" thick. You want it to be strong, but as invisible as possible. With your windows sealed, you should no longer feel a cold breeze when you walk by a closed window, and your heating and air conditioners will be much more effective.

This is a small remodel, but it could drastically alter the efficiency and functionality of your home. If you feel you cannot do any of the steps above, contact a remodeling contractor, such as those at Renew Construction, LLC.