How To Keep Your Dog From Digging Holes Under Your Chain Link Fencing

9 October 2015
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If you have a dog that you keep outdoors most of the time, you probably have him in an enclosed area. Since chain link fencing is the cheapest way to create an enclosed kennel or a fenced-in yard, you probably have a chain link fence, too. Unfortunately, bored puppy dogs have a tendency to dig holes under the fence and run loose. This creates several problems for you, as well as problems for your neighbors when your dog is found running around in their yards. Here are a couple of ways to keep your dog from digging holes under your chain link fence or enclosure.

Electrify the Fence

If you keep your dog outside during the day while you are gone, then electrifying the fence does double duty. It keeps your dog from attempting to dig under the fence while keeping trespassers from going over or cutting through the fence. The dog and everyone else gets a little jolt for trying, and everybody stays where they are supposed to be. You can ask your fencing contractor to electrify the fence when he or she installs it, or you can buy a kit that assists you accomplishing this feat on your own.

Cement the Bottom of the Fence or Elevate the Enclosure

If you secure the entire bottom of the chain link fence with cement, your dog cannot dig under it. He or she can scratch and claw at the cement all they want, but at best your dog would only get a manicure/pedicure for their efforts. Most dogs usually will not bother to continue scratching at the cement base once they feel the hard surface on their nails and paw pads.

As for a kennel enclosure, you can install a cement slab that elevates the dog several inches off the ground and/or cement the bottom of the fence in the same process. The dog cannot get out, no matter how hard he or she tries.Make sure that your poured slab is even and of equal height all the way around so that when the fence material is secured to the sides and/or base of the fence, the fence will not end up lopsided.

Bury the Bottom of the Chain Link Fence

Dogs do not usually dig very deep in an attempt to escape. Even if your dog would attempt to dig a very deep hole, burying the bottom of the fence in a trench that is about one to two feet down would discourage your dog from attempting to dig his or her way out. This means your fencing contractor would first have to dig a trench all around the perimeter of the area where you plan to keep your dog.They will then install an 8-foot tall chain link fence, but it now will be only six or seven feet high after burying the bottom portion. Your dog would have to spend an entire day trying to dig under such a deep hole, which by then you would probably come home and catch him or her in the act.

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