Decorating Your Cedar Fence For The Holidays? Follow This Advice

18 November 2015
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Are you thinking about decorating your cedar wood fence for the holidays? If you're planning to decorate your fence for the holidays, your first task will be to make any necessary repairs before decorating. Then, once you're ready to decorate, picking the right decorations can prevent excessive snow from building up on the wood. Follow these tips.

Make Repairs Before Decorating

Before you can begin to decorate your fence, you must first make repairs to the wood, then seal it from the elements. Start by inspecting the fence and determining whether or not it needs to be stained or painted. If you see only a few places where the bare wood is showing through, you may be able to get away with simply doing a few touch ups. If this is the case, get your stain or paint out from the garage, clean the bare wood areas and touch them up with a paint brush.

If you see several places where the wood is showing through, you'll need to repaint or re-stain. First, clean the fence. Do this by spraying it down with a strong jet of water. Next, sand away any areas where the paint is peeling away. If the fence is stained instead of painted, skip straight to the next step, which is to fill in any holes and scratches with wood putty. Once the holes have been filled, sand them down until they're level with the surface of the wood.

Once all this is done, you can either repaint or re-stain your fence. Paint it with two coats of the stain or paint of your choice. Doing this will seal your fence against the winter snow and ice.

Make Smart Holiday Decorating Choices

Once it's time to decorate your fence, you'll want to choose your decorations wisely. Thick decorations like strands of green garland act like a landing pad for snow, locking it in against the fence, and that can contribute to the degradation of your new coat of paint or stain. If you want to use garland and ribbon, consider committing to a routine of knocking snow off of your decorations after snow storms. If you have children, this is an easy chore to add to their regular household tasks.

If you'd rather install more low maintenance decorations, string lights will gather far less snow and will naturally heat up enough that a lot of the snow to melt off.

Once your repairs are finished and the decorations are up, your fence should be ready for the holidays. If you aren't able to make the repairs to your fence personally, call a fence company for cedar wood fence repair.