Thinking About Adding on Next Spring? Now is the Time to Get Your Land Surveyed

28 November 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Many homeowners take on big remodeling projects like home additions in the spring. If you're one of the homeowners planning a big spring remodel in 2016, you'll want to be planning your addition this winter before the work begins. If this is the case, you should be thinking about getting your land survey completed now. The following frequently asked questions can tell you how land surveying can help with your remodel in the spring, and why you should get your survey done as soon as possible.

Why do you need to get your land surveyed before an addition?

Property lines have a way of getting obscured over time, and that can lead homeowners to develop incorrect assumptions about the size and location of their property. A land survey will show you where your property line actually lies. Having this information will prevent an expensive accident like building a room for your home on your neighbor's lot.

Can land surveying happen in the winter?

Yes, you can get land surveyed in winter. In fact, land surveying can become easier when leaves have fallen off the trees. However, some winter conditions can make problems for a land surveyor. High winds and deep snow can make it difficult or impossible to get an accurate survey. The best time to get a survey completed is in late fall or early winter, after the leaves have fallen and before the biggest snow storms have hit.

How can you prepare your property for a survey in winter?

Landowners do not often have to do anything to prepare for a survey. However, your surveyor may need access to parts of your property that have not been maintained during the winter months. If parts of your property have become impassable because of deep snows, black ice or other obstructions, talk to your surveyor. He or she may need access to those parts of your property. If this is the case, you may need to schedule your survey later in the winter when the snow and ice has melted.

Once you have a survey, can you start planning for your addition?

Once you have a survey, you can meet with contractors to discuss the best places to locate your home's addition. Getting your survey completed now will give you the rest of the winter to work on your plans. With proper planning, when spring comes, you'll be ready to break ground on the new part of your house.