Why Your Home's Sliding Glass Door Isn't Moving Correctly And How To Fix It

7 December 2015
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When the sliding glass doors in your home are working properly, they should move freely and with very little effort on your part. If your sliding door is no longer moving properly, then you need to troubleshoot the problem and determine the correct action to take. You should not force the door to move or lift up the door to slide it. Lifting the door can cause it to become disengaged from the rollers it sits upon. 

Sliding Glass Door Rollers

Sliding glass doors are heavy, and they sit on small parts known as rollers. The rollers are comprised of a metal bracket and a plastic or rubber wheel. Your sliding glass door sits on top of the rollers on the metal bracket. 

The purpose of the rollers is to keep your door moving easily within its track. While rollers work very well most of the time, something so simple as a small rock or too much dirt accumulation can cause your sliding doors to malfunction.

For this reason, the first thing you should always do when you have a sliding glass door problem is to vacuum out the track. A small rock wedged somewhere along the track that you cannot see will cause a major problem, and this is a simple fix that often cures the problem.

Broken or Malfunctioning Rollers

If your glass door was knocked off of a roller's metal bracket, or if a roller's wheel has broken, then the door will hardly move back and forth at all, and it will "thunk" into place when you move it. Sliding glass door rollers take a beating and they do wear out over time and require replacement. 

If a roller problem is detected, then you need to contact a licensed glass contractor to come to your home and remove the glass door to access the rollers. Removing glass requires special suction cup tools that allow the contractor to safely grip the glass while it is being removed. The only way to access the rollers is to remove the glass door, and this is not a DIY project unless you have the proper tools and experience to remove the door glass safely.

Preventing Sliding Glass Door Roller Problems

Finally, to prevent your door from suffering this fate in the future, then you should vacuum out the tracks of all sliding doors in your home each time that you vacuum your home. This simple act will eliminate rocks and dirt from building up in the track and knocking the glass door off of its rollers or causing them permanent damage.

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