The 3 Best Reasons To Prune Your Trees

22 February 2016
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If you have one tree or several trees on your property, taking care of them may include pruning. Most trees require pruning for three reasons: aesthetics, greater health and resistance to high winds and storms. Learning more about pruning is an essential aspect of providing the best care for your trees.

Thick, Leafy Trees Are More Like Huge Bushes

Large trees usually have a network of branches that define their beauty. When you allow your trees to have thick, leafy areas, the branches are not visible and can cause your trees to appear like nothing more than a glorified hedge bush. Trimming out overgrowth can give your tree a natural appeal, especially if the tree you are pruning is a larger, older tree. Taking out dead branches or branches that cross over one another is important for your tree to look its best. However, pruning needs to be done regularly for other reasons than just helping your tree look good.

Pruning Your Trees For Maintaining Their Good Health

When you remove dead branches from a tree, you are also removing a food source for destructive tree pests. Dead, rotting branches can lead to a pest infestation that could cause the tree to eventually die. By cutting out any branches that are rubbing against one another, you greatly lower the risk of your tree developing open wounds that are also attractive to destructive pests. If you start pruning a tree while it is young, you can catch issues like limbs rubbing against each other before the tree grows larger. By doing so, you prevent a problem becoming harder to manage later on. Larger trees with branches laying against one another can be troublesome, but once you get those branches out, remembering to routinely cut out these types of branches while they are small is a good idea.

Strengthening Your Trees Is Important

Storms and high winds can destroy a tree fast, especially one that is not properly pruned. For example, if you have trees in your yard that are thick and bushy, their leaves act as sails in the wind. If your tree is pruned and not thick with foliage and branches, the wind is able to blow through the tree, allowing it to stand. When high winds blow against thick foliage, it can cause the tree to shake. If the winds are strong enough, it can knock out dead and healthy branches from a thick tree while also shaking it hard enough to uproot it. By maintaining a schedule for pruning your trees, you can rest assured they will be stronger during storms with high winds.

Large, healthy trees are a beautiful addition to your property. By taking care of your trees, you can enjoy them more while also making an investment in your property.

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