Three Home Plumbing Problems That Require The Attention Of A Professional

22 February 2016
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When your toilet gets blocked or a mass of hair accumulates in your bathroom sink, it's often easy for you to fix these issues on your own. While they might require a little research on the Internet and possibly even the purchase of a specific tool at your local plumbing store, you can typically resolve the issues satisfactorily. There are other problems that you might encounter, however, that you shouldn't attempt to fix. These problems are significant enough that they require the attention of a professional contractor to ensure that they're solved correctly and safely. It's a smart idea to call your local licensed plumber upon noticing these three issues.

Foul Odor In A Drain

While you might occasionally smell mildew around a drain in your kitchen or bathroom, this issue is typically easy to fix with a thorough clean. However, you should be concerned if you smell a foul odor that smells of gas or sewage. This symptom is an indicator that the drain line running away from your home might be backed up. The concern is that toxic gas, even in trace amounts, could be flowing into your home and risk making a member of your family sick. Call a licensed plumber right away; he or she will be able to assess the nature of the odor and take steps to fix it by dealing with the blockage.

Dark Spots On Your Walls Or Ceiling

Provided that you can rule out your child spilling something on the wall, a dark mark on your wall – or even on the ceiling – can be a sign that there's a leaking pipe behind the drywall. This isn't a problem for the amateur because it involves not only repairing the leak, but also cutting out a section of the wall or the ceiling to provide access to the problem area. Get your plumber on the phone right away; failing to address this issue can lead to further water damage the longer it's left.

Excessive Pipe Rattling

It's common to hear your pipes rattle slightly if you slam a tap closed, but if there's a strong rattling sound coming from the wall when you're using a plumbing fixture, it's time to call the plumber. This sound is often indicative of piping that has broken loose of its brackets from vibration. While the pipes might still be intact, the repeated vibration over time can work a joint loose and cause a leak. Your plumber will access the problem area through the wall, secure the pipe with a new bracket and confirm there is no leak.

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