What You Should Know About Home Foundation Damage

28 April 2016
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Are cracks beginning to appear in the ceramic tiles that are in your house? If you are unsure why the cracks are appearing, it might be a good idea to seek help from a structural engineer in case your house is in need of a foundation repair. In this article, you will learn more about foundation damage and what a structural engineer can do to resolve the problem.

Why Home Foundation Damage Happens

The cracks that are appearing in the ceramic tiles in your house might be the result of unstable soil that has caused the foundation to become uneven. After a house is constructed, the soil can begin to naturally shift, which leads to an unstable foundation. Foundation damage can also occur when an addition is added to a house that increases the amount of strain being placed on the foundation. One of the other things that leads to foundation damage is the pressure that is created by water when the soil surrounding your house is overly saturated, which is why rain gutters are important for routing water away when it rains.

Problems That Foundation Damage Can Cause

It is important for you to get your foundation inspected by a structural engineer as soon as possible if you don't want to deal with numerous problems in your house. For instance, if the foundation is left unrepaired, you might end up with bulging walls that will put the roof at risk of caving in. An unstable foundation can also lead to cracks in the walls, which will typically occur around doorways and windows that are close to the ceiling. The doors in your house might begin to get jammed as well. If the foundation damage becomes too severe, it can lead to the inability to close windows all the way, which can pose an energy and security problem.

What a Structural Engineer Can Do About Foundation Damage

A structural engineer will be able to repair the foundation by making it more stable through underpinning.  Basically, the engineer will install a layer of concrete to reinforce the strength of the foundation. Sometimes beams are used along with concrete for even more strength. The beams are able to absorb a portion of the weight of your house before it affects the foundation. Keep in mind that sometimes severe damage means that a new foundation must be constructed altogether. Make an appointment with a structural engineer so he or she can inspect and repair your foundation.