Poor Heating Performance In Your Boiler: How Water Quality Or Quantity Contributes To This Problem

13 May 2016
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If you have a boiler in your home for heating purposes, and it does not seem to be working quite right as of late, you might want to check a few things before calling a boiler repair technician. As it turns out, the quality and/or quantity of water in your boiler may be to blame. Water is often the last thing people suspect as the source of their boiler problems, but since a boiler cannot function without water, it really should be the first. Here is how the water quality and/or quantity contributes to your boiler's poor heating performance and how you can rectify the problem.

Water Quantity

Some boilers have a direct plumbing line to your home's water intake source. Some boilers do not. If you are still receiving plenty of water from your city water source or from your well, then the next thing you need to check for is the water intake valve. This is the pipe that runs from your main water line to the boiler. If you do not have this valve and pipe on your boiler, that means that your boiler relies on you to fill it with water. It has an attached tank that needs frequent filling, and when you do not fill it and keep it filled, your boiler will not produce enough hot steam to keep your home warm. That brings you to the next subject which can affect boiler performance: water quality.

Water Quality

The quality of your water has a major impact on the performance of your boiler. Hard water especially can create and leave numerous deposits of iron, calcium and lime within several of the boiler's components. These deposits build up as a result of evaporating water that drops these heavier elements as a flaked layer or crust within the system. The more they collect, the more your boiler has to work to make steam and apply enough pressure to force the steam up into the heating system.

Sometimes the valves involved with this process can become quite clogged with the deposits, which also creates performance problems for your boiler. Unfortunately, the only outward sign that you have a water quality issue is the appearance of the deposits on the outside of the boiler's components when the boiler begins to leak. Replacing some of these components with the help of professionals like those at Robinson Heating & Cooling Inc as well as installing a water purification system can fix this problem and prevent it from occurring again.