Quality Tips On Maintaining A Construction Crane

22 June 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Whether you are in the middle of a crane rental or own a fleet of construction cranes, you must do your best to maintain them to get the best performance. This will allow for more efficiency from your construction projects, while also allowing you to receive longevity from the crane itself. With this in mind, take heed to these points below and use them so that you can find some great ways to maintain and repair your cranes.

Take care of the rope

Since the ropes of the crane are responsible for carrying a lot of weight and undergoing frequent operations, you should do your best to take care of this rope. For one, always unload ropes when they are not in use. Periodically unroll and inspect the rope to make sure there is no wear, cracking or dryness along the way. If you have any sort of degradation in your ropes, make sure that you replace it as quickly as possible or handle the appropriate repair.

Take heed to lubrication levels

As with any vehicle, the lubrication provided for your crane will allow you to get the absolute most out of the performance. All moving parts should be inspected to make sure they are properly lubricated. This includes looking into the system and making sure that transmission fluid and oil are at their appropriate levels so that all parts are operating as they should. This allows you to prevent burning out and other serious issues from your cranes.

Keep your crane hooks at their best

For safety and efficiency reasons, you must also take great care of the crane hooks. First and foremost, only allow people certified and experienced to handle the hooks. You will need the help of a crane services professional if your hooks are encountering any sorts of cracks or gouges. You should also be mindful of heat damage, wear on the latch and other serious issues. Keep the hook in accord with manufacturer's specifications and never make modifications which might compromise its safety and durability.

Buy a crane service plan

A crane service plan will give you the opportunity to receive periodic maintenance from a contractor that specializes in this sort of work. They will be able to provide massive value and preventatively repair the crane so that you avoid expensive repairs later. This will also keep your worksite safe and keep you on schedule for any construction projects.

Abide by these four tips so that you can do your best to take great care of your crane. Visit http://winslowcrane.com for more information.