4 Questions To Ask Before Replacing Your Air Conditioner

29 August 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Replacing your air conditioning is not something that you want to have to do because it can be expensive. However, at some point, it is going to become necessary because AC units become old and can no longer keep up with your cooling needs. Before you replace your air conditioner solely based on its age, ask these four questions to help you decide whether or not it is truly the right time for replacement:

  1. Are You Comfortable? If you can get through the summer in comfort in all rooms in the house, then chances are your AC still has some life to it. Just be sure that you continue to provide regular maintenance to extend the amount of time it still has left. If you are not comfortable and notice that you have to turn the AC down to a much lower temperature than you did when you first installed it in order to cool your home, then you may need a new air conditioning unit. The reason for this is because once you have to start turning the thermostat to a lower temperature, your AC starts to work harder and if it's only cooling your home about the same as it was when you first had it installed, then you are wasting energy. 
  2. Are There Weird Noises?  Many times, loud noises from your air conditioner when it's turned on is a sign that it needs to be replaced. This most likely indicates that there are certain parts that are not functioning properly, causing your AC to work harder and not function as efficiently as it should. Be sure to have it thoroughly inspected once you notice weird noises to determine whether or not it's a part that needs replacing or the entire unit. 
  3. How Much are Repairs? In some cases, a professional air conditioning contractor will be able to repair your AC for you or replace it. The option is truly up to you. It's important to go over the price of the repairs. If the repairs are going to cost as much as replacing the AC, then it's better to have it replaced at this point. 
  4. How Long Are Repairs Going to Last? If the repairs are going to cost less than replacing the AC unit, it's best to ask how long the repairs will actually last. If the repair is only going to give life to your old AC unit for a year or two, then you may as well have it replaced at this point instead, as well. 

When you consider these four questions, you can be sure that you are making the right choice between repairs or replacement for the AC unit in your home.