Answering A Couple Of Questions About Erosion For Homeowners

19 September 2016
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Landscaping issues can be a problem that many new homeowners are not well-equipped to handle. In particular, uncontrolled erosion can be a common issue to encounter. While there are soil stabilization options available, you may want a couple of the more frequently asked questions about this problem answered so that you can keep your yard looking as great as possible.

Why Should You Have Your Soil Stabilized?

When the soil on your property is excessively eroding, it can make it almost impossible for you to grow healthy plants. This is due to the fact that the erosion will strip away the nutrient rich layer of topsoil, and it will also erode the soil away from the roots of the plants. If the roots of your plants become exposed, they can be far more likely to die, which can result in serious health issues for the plant.

In addition to these landscaping concerns, erosion problems can also create structural issues for your home. Over time, it can be possible for much of the soil around your home's foundation to start to wash away. This can cause the weight of the home to be uneven on the foundation, which can lead to serious structural problems for the house. As a result of these reasons, you will need to make sure to have any excessive erosion on your property corrected as soon as possible.

What Is Involved With Soil Stabilization?

There are a number of options that can be used to stabilize soil that is eroding. Depending on the severity and cause of the problem, it may be possible to correct this issue through the application of special enzymes that can be applied to the surface of the soil. These enzymes will help to harden the layer of soil, which will minimize the erosion. When the erosion is along a steep hill or body of water, the construction of a retaining wall can be a highly effective solution for preventing the soil from eroding. Lastly, it may be possible to use erosion control tarps to prevent this problem from occurring during construction or droughts. To determine which option is best for your home's needs, you will likely need to have the property inspected by an experienced soil stabilization professional.

Addressing soil that is excessively eroding can be a task that many new homeowners are not prepared to address. By understanding the need to have erosion issues addressed as quickly as possible as well as the options available for stabilizing your property's soil, you can be far better prepared to keep your yard safe from this problem. For more information, talk to a professional like Geotech Solutions Inc.