How To Improve Your Furnace Ducts

26 October 2016
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In order to make sure that your heater and air conditioner are as efficient as possible, you need to make sure the ducts are not leaky. Any ducts that have leaks, can greatly affect the airflow into your home. One of the most vital sections of ducting is where they connect to the furnace. Many people don't realize that even cold air flows through the furnace when you are running the air conditioner. The ducts that exit the furnace are particularly vulnerable because they are not within the walls. This means they are more susceptible to damage, more likely to get knocked loose, and they are more exposed to the elements. This is a definite concern if your furnace is located in a cold basement or garage. This article explains how to repair leaks on this vital section of ducting.

Using Foil Tape

First of all, you should run your AC or heater to check if there are any leaks. Hold your hand near the ducts and try to notice any airflow. It is a good idea to thoroughly clean the ducts before applying the tape. Furnaces are usually in rooms where there is a lot of dust, so you want to clean the metal so the tape will stick well to it. Then, you want to tape the seams of every duct piece. For this job, you don't want to use traditional duct tape. You will get a much better seal you if you use aluminum in the foil tape. This tape is airtight, but also more expensive than normal duct tape. It is also paper-backed, so you need to peel away the paper to expose the adhesive as you apply it to the ducts. Push the tape down very thoroughly, so it cannot leak out.

Adding Insulation

If you want to make your furnace even more efficient, you can add some insulation to this section of ducting. Fiberglass insulation is cheap and easy to apply. You won't need too much to cover the small section. Make sure you wear gloves and a long sleeve shirt when working with fiberglass insulation because it can be very itchy. Just wrap it around the ducts and then tape it down. This simple addition to your ducts will prevent heat loss. This is particularly helpful if you live in a cold climate and rely on your furnace to keep your home heated. With a little bit of insulation, you won't be losing so much eat before the air even gets into your home.

Just by doing a little bit of work on your ducts, you can help increase the efficiency of your system and hopefully reduce your monthly energy bills. For more information, contact companies like Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc.