Choosing the Right Commercial Door for Your Building or Business

9 January 2017
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Installing doors in a commercial building requires a different type of door than the kind that is in your home. Depending on how the building is used, how many people need to move through it at once, and whether it is a security door can all come into consideration. Working with a contractor is the best way to get the right door and be sure the installation meets the code for your area.

Entry Doors

Commercial spaces are often open to the public, and the entry doors are glass in most cases. The clear glass allows people to see whether anyone is on the other side of the door when opening it, but the door still needs to be safe and provide some security for the business. For this reason, the glass used in this door is tempered, and most of the time it is laminated and so there is a layer of thin but very durable plastic between two layers of tempered glass. This helps hold the glass together if it gets broken, making it safer for your customers.

Fire Doors

Made of steel, these commercial doors are designed to withstand a fire and are rated for a specific amount of time. While the doors are heavy and industrial looking, they are commonly used in nonpublic areas of stores and in other commercial buildings. They need to be installed with the right frame and are typically mated to a brick or concrete block wall. Your contractor will know what the rating needs to be or can check with code enforcement to get whatever specifications are required to ensure you are using the right door.

Roll-Up Doors

Used in garages or buildings that need a large door for shipping and receiving, steel roll-up doors are typically fire rated as being very strong. They provide security as well as convenience but need to be installed properly, or else they will not open and close easily. They are available in many different sizes, so you can get one that fits your needs easily and is also fire rated. A roll-up door can be painted, but if you need a specific color, you might want to see whether you can source it that way for convenience.  

Door Installers

With all these doors, having a commercial door company install the door for you is most likely going to be the simplest solution. These doors are heavy and complicated to install properly, and in order for the door to maintain its fire and security rating, it has to be installed properly. Getting the door company involved is also the best way to ensure that you are getting the right door for your needs. Door installers will help you choose the right type, size, and rating for the purpose you need.

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