When To Have A Camera Sewer Line Inspection

22 February 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


You might not have ever thought about having your sewer lines inspected, but this is a very useful service in many cases. Professionals who do these inspections often have cameras that they use so that they can spot problems in your sewer lines so that these problems can be addressed and repaired. These are a few signs that you might want to have one of these inspections done.

1. Your Home is Old

Even if you have not had any problems with your sewer system, you might be concerned that problems are going to start popping up if you have an older home. One good idea is to have a sewer line inspection done once your home gets older. Then you can catch potential problems right away and can address them rather than waiting for a back-up, leak, or other problem.

2. You're Buying a Home

Are you thinking about buying a home? If so, you probably want to be aware of any problems that might be present before you invest in the property. Even though a home inspection can reveal a lot of things, your average home inspector probably is not going to break out a camera to check out the home's sewer lines. However, it can pay to have this done if you are worried about potential sewer problems. If you are buying a home that is not a new construction home and if you want to be as aware as possible of any issues, you may want to think about having one of these inspections done.

3. You Can't Figure Out Your Sewer Line Problems

Have you been having trouble with your sewer system? Have you tried multiple fixes only to find that they did not work? If so, you could end up wasting a lot more time and money trying to get to the bottom of the problem if you don't have a camera sewer line inspection done. If you hire a professional for this service, you can find out exactly what is going on with your sewer system so that you can address the problem without wasting any more time or cash.

As you can see, there are various scenarios in which it's wise to have a sewer line inspection done with a camera. If you'd like to learn more about this process or if you'd like to set an appointment to have one done, contact a professional in your area.