Looking For Luxurious Lather: Four High-End Upgrades For Your Shower

23 January 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


A bathroom remodel offers a host of opportunities to create a luxurious, high-end shower. Work with your contractor to create a spacious shower area, and consider the following upgrades to take your shower experience to the next level. With the right finishing touches, your shower can make you feel like you've entered a five-star resort every time you turn on the water.

LED Rainfall Shower Head

Instead of choosing a standard wall-mounted shower head, consider an LED rainfall shower head. These bath accessories are installed directly into the ceiling, and they mimic the feeling of standing outside in a warm summer's rain. Integrated LED lighting illuminates the shower enclosure, and it can sometimes even include a variety of different light colors to create a custom shower experience. Look for a fixture that offers different water settings, such as waterfall, pulsing massage and gentle rainfall, so you can choose the right setting for your every mood.

Shampoo And Soap Niches

Say goodbye to shelves mounted to your walls with suction cups with the addition of a shampoo and soap niche. The niche is a recessed area in the shower that creates a shelf for storing your soaps. You can have one large niche created in your custom shower, or you can opt for a series of smaller ones that offer space for storage as well as displaying decorative soaps. Consider having custom soap dispensers installed in the niches so you can get rid of unsightly shampoo and body wash bottles. These dispensers can be refilled as needed to ensure you always have an ample supply of your favorite bath products on hand.

Shower Footrests

Give your shower a bit of added convenience by installing shower foot rests. These accessories are installed directly into the wall near the floor, and they provide a perch for your feet, whether you want to exfoliate your skin or shave your legs. Some footrests even come with integrated hooks that can hold pumice stones, loofahs, or sponges. Fold-down designs offer enough room to place your whole foot on, while slim, low-profile bars fit in the corner and offer a more discreet look.

Custom Shower Seats

If you spend the bulk of your time in the shower resting, consider having your contractor install a custom shower seat. This seat can be placed in the corner, or it can run the length of the entire wall for a cozy place to stretch out and relax. Have the shower tiled with the same style of tile you'll use on your walls, and be sure that you have a soap niche close by for easy access.

Talk to a contractor at a company like M P T Enterprises about other luxury upgrades you might want to consider, and choose the options that will make your shower feel more like a high-end spa retreat.