Waste Solutions For Construction Sites: 4 Options To Consider

2 June 2018
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Whether you are doing a demo project or new construction, debris and trash can build up quickly. You need to make sure you have the right waste disposal solutions available at your job site. Use this guide to determine which options are right for your trash and debris disposal needs.

1. Roll-Off Dumpsters

Roll-off dumpsters offer the strength and capacity to handle large amounts of construction debris, making them ideal for use at a variety of job sites. Depending on the size and scope of your project, you may want to have more than one dumpster available. For demo projects, you may find that a single dumpster can be filled in less than a day. Work with your dumpster rental company to determine how many units you need and how often they will need to be emptied. This will help ensure that your project continues to run smoothly without allowing debris to pile up.

2. Dump Trucks

In some cases, a dump truck can be a great option for debris removal. For example, if you are excavating for a project, the dirt is technically debris. However, you won't want to send a dumpster full of dirt to the local landfill. Instead, use a dump truck to cart the dirt to a secondary location. You may be able to partner with a local business to dump the dirt when your truck becomes full. Be sure to have a plan for where the dirt will go before you break ground on your project.

3. Tilt Trucks

For large construction sites, it's not feasible to have your crew walk trash to dumpsters or dump trucks. Tilt trucks offer a great solution for this problem. They can be filled with trash and debris by your workers, and they can wheel the trucks over to the dumpster when full. This makes it easier to carry heavy loads to trash collection areas at your job site, and it can also help improve efficiency. True to their name, these trucks tilt forward to empty waste, giving your crew a fast, convenient way to empty each truck. Consider purchasing several trucks so they can be staged throughout your job site.

4. Traditional Trash Bins

Of course, not all of the garbage produced at your job site will be construction debris. Drink containers, leftover food from lunches, and paper waste can also build up at your job site. You won't want to put these items in the construction dumpsters, as they can attract pests over time. Instead, make traditional trash bins available for everyday trash disposal needs. You can rent a separate dumpster to handle this trash, which can be picked up by your waste management company on a separate schedule from your construction debris.

You may find that all of these solutions are right for your job site, or you might discover you only need one or two. Look at the plans for your project, and work with your local waste management company to determine which options make the most sense for your construction site.

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