Own A Building With Elevators? 3 Tips To Keep The Elevators Properly Maintained

18 July 2018
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If you own a building and it has elevators, you need to do what you can to keep the elevators maintained. This will increase the chances of the elevators working well so no one gets stuck in them. To help you, below are three maintenance tips so you can prevent problems from happening.

Inspect Elevators Regularly

You cannot do all inspections on the elevators, but there are some things you can check on a regular basis. For example, the fire extinguishers inside the elevators must be working, placed in the right location, and have tags on the extinguishers showing they are up to date.

Step into the elevator and make sure the doors open and close smoothly. Take time to go up each floor opening and closing the doors as the elevators go. There should also be good lighting inside the elevators, as well as lighting when people step out of the elevators.

The phone should be working at all times. This phone should also have a dedicated line to prevent the phone line from going down. This is important as if there are problems and the people in the elevator cannot call for help you may be looking at a lawsuit in the future.

Hire Elevator Maintenance Company

Hire an elevator maintenance company to maintain your elevators. This type of company can check many things that you cannot do on your own. For example, the maintenance company can check that the elevators are moving up and down at the right speed. The elevators should have a safety device to prevent the elevator from going up or down at a high speed.

Each elevator should have standby power. This means the elevators will turn back on if the power goes out.

Over time, the buttons inside the elevator will start to malfunction. If this happens, you will start hearing a lot of complaints from people in the office building. To help prevent this, the elevator maintenance company will remove the panel over the buttons and inspect the wiring and other connections. The maintenance company will also check the bulbs to ensure the buttons stay lit up.

Clean Elevators

Check the elevators regularly and clean inside of them when needed. Talk with the elevator maintenance company about the best type of cleaner to use to clean the flooring, walls, and ceiling. If the flooring is carpeted, check for any stains. If found, either replace the carpeting or remove the stain. An elevator maintenance company will need to clean internal components in the elevators to prevent corrosion from building up.

Talk with an elevator service company in your area and they can give you many more details about the information above.