Three Types Of Roof Inspection, Who Leads The Inspection, And Why

30 March 2019
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A roof inspection is not a general thing that just happens. In fact, there are three different professionals that lead roofing inspections and roofing inspection services. These three professionals are each conducting their own inspection with a specific purpose in mind. Some inspections happen because you have requested them, but other inspections occur for other reasons. The following is the list of three professionals who all conduct roof inspections, and why they do the inspections. 

Claims Adjuster

A claims adjuster will come to your home or office building to do a roof inspection if and when you file a claim for damages. This may include wind damage, hail damage, tornado and/or hurricane damage, if any of these are covered by your insurance policy. The claims adjuster climbs up to the roof and inspects every area, taking pictures, and writing up an accompanying report for the insurance company. The claims adjuster does not do any repairs or make any suggestions in regards to how to repair the damages.

Property Assessor

Property assessors will also set foot onto your residential or commercial property for the purpose of assessing the value of the property. He/she may even climb up to the roof to assess the age and condition of the roof as it relates to the value of the building structure overall. Usually, the city will notify you that they are sending a property assessor on such a day at such a time. You do not have to be present, at home, or in the building when the property assessor is scheduled to arrive, and you do not get to choose a date, time, or refuse the assessor's visit. 

Roofing Contractor

Roofing contractors will perform a roof inspection upon your request. They typically only do this when you are looking to repair your roof because the roof has some problems and/or is leaking inside the building or house. The contractor will lift up shingles or look for areas where the water may be seeping through. He or she will assess the extent of the problem, and then provide an estimate for the repair work. If you choose to hire the contractor, the contractor will complete all of the work on the roof as specified in the inspection and estimate paperwork. It is rare, but a roofing contractor may be hired by a third party to inspect a roof for reasons other than leaks. 

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