4 Enclosed Shower Design Options To Replace Old Bathtubs And Open Up Bathroom Space

6 August 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you are trying to renovate your bathroom with a limited amount of space, taking out features like bathtubs can open spaces more. There are a lot of options for modern designs with features like a compact sink and vanity designs or enclosed shower spaces. The following tips will help you get more space in your bathroom design by using enclosed shower designs.

1. Taking Down Your Curtains and Turning Your Tub Into a Shower by Just Adding Glass

The simplest solution to add a shower to your bathroom may be to just remove dingy old curtains. After you have removed the shower curtains, you can add frameless shower glass to the tub, which will help give your bathroom an open feeling without completely removing the tub.

2. Ripping Out the Old Tub to Make a Custom Walk-In Shower With the Features You Need

The old tub may be a problem that is too big for your bathroom, so ripping it out and installing a custom walk-in shower may be the best option. The area where the tub once was can be lined with a rubber membrane. Then, tile and custom frameless glass can be installed to give you a personalized shower design that meets all your needs.

3. Using a Custom Shower Pan and New Glass to Give Your Bathroom a New Glass Enclosure

There are many options for custom shower pans that can be installed in your bathroom. These can be smaller shower units. You can then have custom glass installed or shower pans that fit the area where you removed a tub. Using a shower pan that is fabricated for your bathroom will give you an affordable solution to replace the old bathtub with a modern shower design.

4. Using Custom Enclosures With Personalized Features to Replace Old Tubs With New Custom Designs

If you want to have more of a personalized solution for your bathtub replacement, frameless shower doors and personalized enclosures are a great solution. These can be full enclosures with ventilation and heating controls, which will allow you to use your walk-in shower as a steam room or sauna. This is a great way to add modern, relaxing, and therapeutic features to your home renovations.

These are some of the things that you will want to consider for the design of the shower enclosure for your bathroom renovations. If you want to help with the design of your new bathroom, contact a frameless shower glass company like California Reflections Inc so you can replace the old bathtub with a modern walk-in shower.