Need To Hire A Commercial Demolition Contractor? 3 Things You Need To Ask About

20 September 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you have a commercial property that you need to tear down, this is not a job you should take on by yourself. Instead, you should hire a commercial demolition contractor to tear down your commercial building. When hiring a commercial demolition contractor to handle this job for you, there are a few things you need to ask them about. 

1. How Are Hazardous Materials Handled?

When tearing down a commercial building, especially if the building is older, there is a good chance that hazardous materials, such as asbestos, were used in the construction of the building. Hazardous materials cannot be demolished in the same way as non-hazardous materials.  

Talk to the demolition contractor, and find out what their plan is for handing any hazardous material. Any company you hire should have an environmental remediation specialist on staff who will handle the planning for taking care of the hazardous material and will oversee that part of the demolition process. 

Never work with a contractor who can't give you a clear plan and information on how they handle hazardous materials. 

2. How Are Permits Handled?

When you demolish a building, you can't just start knocking it down. You will need to follow all of the local laws that are in place regarding the demolition process. That generally means you are going to need to acquire a couple of different permits in order for the demolition process to start.  

When you talk to the demolition contractor, you need to figure out if they will take care of the permits for you or if you will have to handle the permit process for the demolition process. 

3. How Are Salvaged Materials Handled?

Next, you need to ask the demolition contractor how the salvage items are handled. You don't want all the material from the demolition project to go straight to the landfill. You want the material that can be recycled to be properly recycled. You want any material that can be scrapped to be taken to a scrapyard. Make sure the demolition company you hire will properly dispose of the materials from your building.  

When it comes to hiring a commercial demolition contractor, you want to find out how they will handle hazardous material, how they will handle the salvaged material, and whether they will take care of the permit process. You want to work with a contractor that will properly handle the material, and that will help you with the often-complicated permit process.