5 Tips For Managing Your Oil Bill

10 April 2018
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One of the items you may use to stay warm during the winter month is oil. This may allow your home to feel comfortable when it's frigid outside and rely on oil heat is ideal. However, you may want to find effective ways of keeping your oil costs down and knowing tips to help you do so is perfect. Tip #1: Check the insulation in your home Taking time to ensure your property is well insulated is the first thing you will want to do to assist in lowering costs. Read More 

Why It’s Important To Keep The Garage Door At Your Rental Property In Good Shape

5 March 2018
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As a landlord who has one or more properties that have garages, it is important for you not to ignore the garage doors in your rental properties. Even though it can be easy to do so when you have to worry about other maintenance and repairs, collecting rent and more, these are a few reasons why keeping the garage doors on your rental properties in good shape is so important. Read More 

Looking For Luxurious Lather: Four High-End Upgrades For Your Shower

23 January 2018
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A bathroom remodel offers a host of opportunities to create a luxurious, high-end shower. Work with your contractor to create a spacious shower area, and consider the following upgrades to take your shower experience to the next level. With the right finishing touches, your shower can make you feel like you've entered a five-star resort every time you turn on the water. LED Rainfall Shower Head Instead of choosing a standard wall-mounted shower head, consider an LED rainfall shower head. Read More 

A Guide For Getting Your Home’s Exterior Ready For Winter

7 November 2017
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Part of being a homeowner is making sure your home is ready for all seasons, including winter. If you don't take certain measures to protect exterior elements of your home and property, the harsh winter season can cause damage or shorten the lifespan of some materials. Exterior preparation takes a bit of work, but this guide can help you know where to start and what to do to keep your home safe and beautiful until spring comes. Read More 

Air Conditioner Problems? Here’s What You Should Know

3 October 2017
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When you cool your home with the use of a central air conditioning system, then you want to learn what to do if you have issues you can take care of on your own. You also want to recognize when a problem may warrant a call to an HVAC technician so they can come and take care of it for you. Here are some things you want to know about things that can happen and what your course of action should be: Read More