Air Conditioner Problems? Here’s What You Should Know

3 October 2017
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When you cool your home with the use of a central air conditioning system, then you want to learn what to do if you have issues you can take care of on your own. You also want to recognize when a problem may warrant a call to an HVAC technician so they can come and take care of it for you. Here are some things you want to know about things that can happen and what your course of action should be: Read More 

The Role Of An Engineering Contractor In A Home Remodel

19 July 2017
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Altering your home's existing floor plan can be a great way to make the available space within your home more functional. These alterations are typically completed by engaging in a home remodel. While most homeowners know that a general contractor's help is needed to complete a remodel, few realize that an engineering contractor from a place like Hastings Construction INC. can play a critical role in the success of a home remodel as well. Read More 

When To Have A Camera Sewer Line Inspection

22 February 2017
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You might not have ever thought about having your sewer lines inspected, but this is a very useful service in many cases. Professionals who do these inspections often have cameras that they use so that they can spot problems in your sewer lines so that these problems can be addressed and repaired. These are a few signs that you might want to have one of these inspections done. 1. Your Home is Old Read More 

Choosing the Right Commercial Door for Your Building or Business

9 January 2017
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Installing doors in a commercial building requires a different type of door than the kind that is in your home. Depending on how the building is used, how many people need to move through it at once, and whether it is a security door can all come into consideration. Working with a contractor is the best way to get the right door and be sure the installation meets the code for your area. Read More 

Tips For Preventing Dry Rot On Wood Siding

29 December 2016
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If you are replacing some wood siding that has become damaged by wood rot, then it is important for you to take steps so that your repaired areas do not suffer the same fate in the future. By taking certain steps while making your repairs, you can easily prevent future wood rot problems in your home's wood siding. Follow these time-tested tips to keep your wood siding wood rot free: Read More