Three Home Plumbing Problems That Require The Attention Of A Professional

22 February 2016
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When your toilet gets blocked or a mass of hair accumulates in your bathroom sink, it's often easy for you to fix these issues on your own. While they might require a little research on the Internet and possibly even the purchase of a specific tool at your local plumbing store, you can typically resolve the issues satisfactorily. There are other problems that you might encounter, however, that you shouldn't attempt to fix. Read More 

Three Subjects To Cover When You’re Hiring A Fencing Contractor

22 February 2016
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Having the right fence built in your yard can increase the curb appeal of your home while also adding a degree of privacy and safety. Once you've looked online or checked out neighbors' fences and you have an idea of the fence you want, it's beneficial to look up a few fencing contractors in your city and speak to each company. These conversations will not only help you find the best price for your fence, but will also give you the opportunity to ask some questions of the contractor to ensure that you're hiring the right person for the job. Read More 

Two Tips That Can Help Keep Your Drains Free Of Clogs

2 February 2016
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While every part of your house is indeed important, clog-free drains are at the top of the list. Nothing can put a halt to your plans like having to deal with toilets that won't flush, or sinks full of standing water. Although these clogs sometimes seem to come out of the blue, they may have been brewing for some time. However, there are a few things you can do to minimize the chance that your sinks will clog up. Read More 

Simple Tips For Locating Air Leaks In Your Home

12 January 2016
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No matter how efficient your HVAC system is, plugging air leaks around your home is important to minimize wasted energy. Caulking around windows and doors is an excellent first step, but there are many other places where your home could be leaking air that are not as easy to notice. Here are some simple tips for locating air leaks in your home. Look for Dirty Spots in Attic Insulation Just because your attic is lined with an ample amount of insulation doesn't mean that it is airtight. Read More 

Why Metal Roofing Is A Good Choice For Your New Commercial Building

23 December 2015
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If you're planning to build a new commercial building, one of the things you'll need to consider is the type of roof you'll have installed. Since your company deals with the public, you want a roof that has an attractive appearance, but you also want one that requires little maintenance. Metal roofing is an excellent option. Here are a few reasons why metal is a good choice in commercial roofing. Read More